A rock bouzouki-playing Greek Canadian ex-civil servant with a PhD in statistics who is a star in China.

Chairman George Phoenix TV show Beijing1 billion fans can’t be wrong:

  • In China, George is Elvis.
  • In Canada, George is Greek.
  • In Greece, George has a dream…

His gentle almost child-like charisma seduces audiences of all ages and nationalities wherever he performs. He has China in the palm of his hand. Here, the Greek exuberance of his music flirts with the tranquility of age-old Chinese ballads. Rarely do audiences in this rule-bound nation demonstrate such unfettered enthusiasm — for before them stands a tall, engaging western Pied Piper who speaks and composes songs in their language. He is like no one they have seen.

The many faceted George Sapounidis, aka “Chairman George”, is today considered a rock star in China, a Canadian troubadour enchanting Chinese audiences with a blend of passionate folk, rock and traditional Greek and Chinese songs.


in shanghai十亿歌迷的选择决不会有错:


不管在哪里演出,他那温柔中又带点孩子气的个人魅力,总是能深深吸引来自五湖四海不同年龄层次的观众。他把中国捧在自己的掌心里。在这里,来自他音乐中希腊式的热情撩动着来自中国古老民谣的安宁。在这个处处被规则束缚的国家里,他的观众们会爆发出罕见的无拘无束的热情。这一 切都归功于这个站在他们面前,穿着花衣从西方而来的魔笛吹奏者。他个子高挑又迷人,甚至能用他们的语言进行交谈和歌曲创作。这些观众们一生中从来都没有遇见过像他这样的人。

这个多才多艺的George Sapounidis,别名“乔治主席”,目前被认定为是中国的摇滚歌星,也是来自加拿大的中世纪游吟诗人。他把热情奔放的民谣,摇滚乐,希腊和中国的传统曲目融合在一起,深深吸引着来自中国的观众们。