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George has developed a very enthusiastic, international following in the media, and we thought we'd share some of the coverage here with you. Below is a list of web, print and video sources highlighting Chairman George.


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These PDF documents contain a range of local and international newspaper and magazine coverage in English, Greek & Chinese.

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With passion and respect, George Sapounidis delivers an intoxicating musical cocktail of Greek exuberance and Chinese
tranquility. He charms and delights his audiences with the best of both worlds and more!

Chinese Canadian National Council

George, I enjoyed your magnificent delivery of music to diverse cultures.

Joy Creed, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

This was the best ever multi-cultural performance by an individual artist that I have ever attended.

Harpreet Singh, Zoho Consulting Inc.

George Sapounidis is perhaps the best single example of the multicultural diversity of Canadian music.

Ottawa Folk Festival

I was so impressed and fascinated from your wonderful repertoire blending very diverse cultures from around the world.

Mustafa SASAL, Ottawa

I was inspired with your performance and I sensed that the entire audience was very touched by your encouraging words
and the beauty of your songs, your voice and your charm. You brought us back to our roots and made us feel proud
of who we are.

Guillermo Mena, Usaquen and Associates, Toronto

His art transports, entertains and instructs. He is an exceptional artist and a beacon in a strife-ridden world.

J. Thomoglou, former Greek Ambassador to Canada

He is a talented multilingual musician and entertainer who brightens any room he enters.

Honourable Sheila Copps

George re-invented the concept of folk hero. He brings out the child in everyone.

Sylvia Sweeney, Former Basketball Olympian, broadcaster and President of the ArtsGames

A brilliant documentary – one of the most sympathetic character portraits I have seen in years.

The Montreal Mirror

Boy, does it work!

Penguin Eggs Magazine

Possibly barking mad!

Sing Out Magazine

… a Mediterranean cruise up the Yangtze


It hangs together beautifully, has a huge heart, and is one of the truest and most creative musical fusions that I have ever heard. Amazing stuff!

Richard Thornley, Penguin Eggs CD Review

The unlikeliest ‘Chairman’ in China”

The Globe and Mail, December 2012