Day 5 – Beijing

Here on the campus of People’s University I along with 3 professors from Vancouver will present talks at an Olympics conference tomorrow and Sunday.

This morning myself and Alex Carre from UBC were whisked off to a 9am interview on internet TV on the campus of the People’s Daily which is the national state run ‘propaganda’ newspaper and voice for the Chinese government. We were asked various questions about what Beijing can learn from the Athens Olympics regarding volunteer training, what Beijing youth volunteers can expect to benefit from the Games.

I am at the moment sitting in an internet cafe on the campus where I am living and there must be about 150 university students crammed in at close quarters mainly watching chinese films and playing search and destroy games.

The campus is green, it is very warm, i am perspiring in generous amounts and the pace of student life seems placid and relaxed–altho it is exam period now and students are in fact stressed. Walking thru campus is langourous, a pleasure.

For the conference this weekend we are moving into a luxury hotel downtown. What is particularly interesting for me at the conference is that the first day Saturday June 25 is devoted to ….. the BEIJING Opening and Closing Ceremonies ! And Hu Bo who is the mover and shaker at the conference has invited the producer of the Athens Closing Ceremonies to talk. As I have my eye on these Ceremonies myself this will be interesting !

more later …
Garge (as they say in newfoundland)