Pre-show jitters, and very excited !

dear friends of the chairman !

hi from ottawa – 1 hour to SHOWTIME ..

can’t believe it , but its AMAZING !

last night went toa local university bar and while standing in line a young lady comes up and says ‘we want you to come in , cuz you’re the chairman ‘ good friends i met for the first time – lauren, alex, david and ryan, all cuban revolutionaries in spirit. everyone knew me. its incredible. today in the byward market – people going by, saying hi george. beautiful.

am with my folks, got champagne.

wish i could be at Zorbas in montreal with the Eyesteelfilm party.
Love you.

national tv – chairman george – just hard to believe,

LOVE YOU- enjoy the CHAIRMAN , from George

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  1. Brett on May 29, 2005 at 12:11 am

    George – wish you could have been with us, too! We had great fun and raised a toast to the absent chairman. See you soon – Brett