Upcoming stuff … in China… from George

Hi friends !

Thanks for all your many emails from across Canada and in Great Britain. Your responses have been over-whelming , inspiring and very moving.

Seems that people wanna see what’s gonna happen next – will there be Chairman George II ? Keep posted here …

I’ve got 2 invites to China this year – one is next month in June to give a talk about Olympic volunteering at People’s University in Beijing. I may even give a workshop about training volunteers for the upcoming Beijing Olympics . Really cool !

The second invite is in September to perform at the site of the biggest DAM in the world … the Three Dam Gorge — in China at a small city called Yichang. It’s actually a festival lasting almost a week where they invite international performers from around the world – colorful dance troupes accompanied by live music ensembles, and singers. The festival is a tourism festival designed to promote domestic tourism in China. I love performing at these events cuz of all the international people and artists you can meet , local interaction , and media exposure. The organizers asked me if I can represent Canada … or … Greece ! Well I’ve got 2 passports — so I’m a cultural switch hitter, so either way , no prob.

Hey, drop me a line …

yours, George


  1. Anonymous on May 31, 2005 at 4:14 pm

    dear cg: I loved the film…You are a true original…I wisk you all the happiness in the world…Stay strong and stay original…
    PS Where did you get your language skills from…

  2. irina on May 31, 2005 at 9:56 pm

    Hi George, I liked your blunt honesty in the May 28th aired film. Life is really about making choices. Then maybe you should take your family’s advice and make one of your biggest life choices. Why would just a Chinese woman be the perfect one?….just wondering…

    Good luck in pursuing your dreams!