A cornocopia of opportunity

a razmataz of thoughts and synapse connections cascading into converging possibilities for the upcoming beijing olympic games … and open and closing ceremonies. just off the phone with xu li,a good friend , sincere, from shanghai who wants to organize shows with me and the band in the shanghai area this fall, so gotta send him 3 menus for shows : hi production show with fire and dancers, the medium show, more toned down, like in a 2000 soft seat theatre, and then the small show playing in open square to 200 people. but he’s also meeting this eve, small world, with guess who …hu bo my mover and shaker friend who has partnered with jack morton and zhang yi mo for the open and close ceremonies in beijing 2008. jack morton the brit production company that produced the athens ceremonies put in their bid 10 days ago to Bocog to do the beijing ceremonies. now seems things are happening. hu bo is ‘really busy about the ceremonies’ according to xu li. hu bo had said to me … ‘you’ll have yer day’… referring to beijing 2008. well .. its not all pie in the sky cuz he did set me up with a gig for ioc prez samaranch back in athens last year which i royally bungled when the bus i was on to help all the dancers get to the samaranch gig got lost on the way cuz i wasn’t sure of how to get from friggin downtown athens up to the gig in maroussi. rats. but now this. not over till its over. bythe way am also currently negotiating a tour in october in hunan with band. just sent the promoter a second souped up programme last night with more pop songs cuz the first proposed songlist last week had too many folk (yawn) songs according to the promoter. lets see how this plays out – should know soon. yeah.

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  1. mila Aung-Thwin on August 18, 2005 at 6:57 pm

    Hi George…hope you do it in 2008! tell hu bo you’re the man with the plan! then we can make Chairman George 2!