from nanjing 10th China games to beijing

just back this early morning to bj on the overnight train from nanjing site of the China 10th national games which are the domestic ‘olympic’ games that take place in China every 4 years. was in nanjing for 3 days invited by BTV. lots of help from Fran, a 20 something young lady assistant who helped a lot with hotels , translation and agent work. the first day we drove out to a national park where we spent the morning xiao song the camerman shooting an mtv piece on me performing  jeremy’s olympic torch song in greek and chinese, with the last line ‘from athens to beijing’ modified to ‘from athens passing thru nanjing to beijing’ agreed upon after a late night brainstorn session the night before in a dessert cafe house with btv, ctv people. the day was gorgeous, sunny and the shoot featured me singing on guitar from diffent angles, with white pigeons loftily flying about and water falls, turned out great seeing it the next day. the following day Fran and I visited the IBC (intl broadcast centre) where all China provinces had TV mobile units in various rooms. Great pickings while we hit on BTV, CCTV and Canton TV and enticed them into doing pieces on me. Back in bj the day after saw the CCTV piece after having text messaged lots of bj people to watch including bocog. good work. back in good spirits. that intravenous medication last week worked wonders. had a berth in the train last night, pleasant. bantering with other chinese passengers. my chinese need to make more headway. met a german doc crew in nanjing – asked them why they were there – they said they were there doing a doc about the nanjing games, that china is interesting, that china will be no 1 in 2008. am in an internet cafe writing this in haidian district in bj. after 1 a.m. filled with 20 sth people playing war games’ or chatting online with friends arounhd the country. people communicate electronically. out on the street i see a man set up a lone single makeshift barbecue with a few coals with some yang rou chuar (souvlakis) thrown on to roast and sell for a few renminbi. meagre life. is mine any less so ?

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  1. mila Aung-Thwin on November 5, 2005 at 7:16 am

    “from athens passing thru nanjing to beijing” must sound better in Mandarin!

    The train ride sounds like fun. But beware of documentary crews!