Montreal Doc Film Fest (Rencontres) Fantastic !

It was an incredible experience last week being in Montreal to watch Chairman George on the BIG SCREEN at the final gala screening Sunday night with 500 other enthusiastic invitees. It was a hot crowd, people were interacting with the film, it was wonderful. I was teary-eyed and chuckling along with everyone else. I was captivated . Very moving. Dan fooled the entire hall by declaring prior to the screening that I had left the building to return earier that day to Ottawa. Then i came out as the credits rolled to play a greek and chinese song and there was this enormous collective gasp , people just gaping at me astounded with big smiles. Then a standing ovation, completely unexpected , completely from right field ! I stood there admittedly rather perplexed. What an astounding reception for an astounding film. The warmth and welcome and buzz I felt all week from the organizers, and filmgoers and the many print and radio journalists I shall not ever forget. And the opening credits on this theatrical version are the coolest ! I wanna see it again ! Dan and Mila I love you. Cudos to EyeSteelFilm and everyone there. Music IS like crack !


  1. eyesteelfilm on November 26, 2005 at 5:38 pm

    Hey George-

    Likewise! What a festival! What a response! Wonderful to have you here for the week. Next time we come, I must take you to the uyighur restaurant in Chinatown. thereès even a stage!


  2. brett on December 5, 2005 at 6:02 pm

    Great to see you here George – hope you sold some CDs!