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George has developed a very enthusiastic, international following in the media, and we thought we'd share some of the coverage here with you. Below is a list of web, print and video sources highlighting Chairman George.


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These PDF documents contain a range of local and international newspaper and magazine coverage in English, Greek & Chinese.

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Big in Beijing: Ottawa’s Chairman George is Back

Ottawa Magazine, January 2017

The highlight of the evening was the arrival of the Chairman George Band of Canada.

Beijing Evening News, October 2017

Il y a de ces individus qu’on croit sortis de l’imaginaire. Chairman George en est un. Il est pourtant reel.

La Presse, Montreal

You are a troubadour-savant … a perfect human bridge

Sheila Rogers, CBC Radio

With passion and respect, Chairman George delivers an intoxicating musical cocktail of Greek exuberance and Chinese tranquility. He charms and delights his audiences with the best of both worlds and more!

Chinese Canadian National Council

His CD ‘George from Athens to Beijing’ hangs together beautifully, has a huge heart, and is one of the truest and most creative musical fusions that I have ever heard. Amazing stuff!

Penguin Eggs